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A very short bio of Peter van Ooijen, founder of Gekko Software.

In 1984 I finished my studies in biology at the universities of Utrecht and Leiden. My main subjects were evolutionary biology and bioinformatics. In 1986 I started Gekko Software to ride the wave of the emerging Personal Computers.

To build the first business applications PC I worked with tools like Turbo Pascal, dbase III and Clipper. Over the years Turbo Pascal evolved into Delphi and reincarnated in the .NET platform. The dBase tools evolved via MS-Access into SQL based databases and multi-tier applications. The LAN capabilities of the early PC tools evolved into rich ASP.NET internet applications.

Gekko Software is located in the Netherlands. I started in the city of Utrecht; in 2001 we moved to Haren, which is just south of Groningen.

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